Saturday, September 11, 2010


Easiest move in the world.  You wrap your arm around someones neck and squeeze.  People are surprisingly willing to let their heads be pulled down, and you can slap a guillotine on in no time.  Another variation of the move is a certain grip you can use.  This grip practically ensures an instant tapout.  Put your left hand out, sideways, palm away from your body.  Now put your right hand straight out and clasp palms.  This should feel incredibly awkward.  Now yes it feels goofy, but your entire forearm is now basically bone into their windpipe.  Really applying this grip in any situation will increase the potency of a choke by several magnitudes.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Financially motivated

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So if I got a blog I guess I might as well tell about what im good at.

10th planet jujitsu is a relatively new style of brazilian jujitsu. It emphasizes No-Gi fighting techniques, which is much better for street fights or UFC.  A Gi is that ridiculous robe thing that Judo practitioners wear.

I have been doing jujitsu for over a year now and I have a Gold teens division and a Silver adults division from NAGA, the most prestigious tournament in America for Jujitsu. On following posts I will describe basic moves that can be easily applied